Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whats yours is yours and what's mine is yours?

I love design. I love advertising. But what I dislike about this industry is all the back stabbing, gossiping, smack talking, passive aggressive attitudes, conniving natures, etc, etc. And believe me, a lot of these things exist, especially in a smaller local community. I try to stay away from all of this and feel I have always focused my primary attention on giving my clients the best work possible along with the best communication and and attentiveness.

It seems though that so many others in my line of work choose to focus instead on creating bad blood for the sake of their own egos. Why? If we truly enjoy what we do then we should be having fun, cheering each other on, being proactive, thinking positive and creating a better industry altogether. It's about the clients - not what Joe Blow is doing and who he is talking too. I guess what I am saying is, can't we all just get along? Because in the end it's about relationships, and don't we all enjoy good relationships over the opposite?


Pippenger Family Blog said...

no ego. just go.

Mrs. Mc said...

Very well thought out...
Unfortunately there are paranoid companies out there whose sole interest is seeing their pockets fill instead of contributing to the growth of the local industry. That is why it is so refreshing and vital to have agencies like Hand Crafted Media around =)