Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get on your power and STEAM!

Well, the title doesn't exactly work as well as Miles' did but whatever. I took this picture about 2 months ago (maybe longer).

During the winter in Colorado Springs I always thought the steam coming from the power plant downtown looked pretty awesome. So naturally, as with all things awesome, I decided to get up early before work and take a picture. It ended up being a tough panorama to take because the steam was moving pretty fast. I'll probably try to get a better picture again next year.

More power to ya,

P.S. I also got a new car yay! And since it is also awesome I took a picture of it as well.


Handcrafted Media said...

God dammit Lee, YOU are awesome!!!
Nice shot-

Handcrafted Media said...

Hey Subaru, you see this?
I think you need some new product photography. Call us.