Monday, October 20, 2008

A few weeks back I went mountain biking for the first time in 7 years... in the dark. Needless to say I fell a few times, but damn was it fun.

When Miles had asked me to go I was a little hesitant but I'm definitely glad I went. It was a very surreal/awesome experience. It demands 100% of your attention, balance and agility among many skills. There's no way I could have done it if I wasn't riding behind Miles and in front of his good friend Jason.

Which brings me to the picture, we decided to do this at the end of the ride. We're all pretty happy with the outcome I think.

Big thanks again to Jason and Miles for inviting me on one heck of a ride (not to mention making the picture happen, they're the two bikers in the shot).


P.S. As usual, if you're curious as to how I shot the picture, you can click on it above and read the description on flickr.

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