Monday, April 6, 2009

Succumbing to pressure from the minority

We are beginning to see this more and more. Companies, industry giants, are allowing the fate of their brands to be dictated by a bunch of online cry-babies. On one side, sure, it is pretty empowering to think that the everyday person can contribute to a larger voice and sway the direction of a companies creative. On the other hand, and on to my point, when are these CMO's, boards and department heads going to commit to their plan, show a bit of backbone and stand up for what they believed in from the start? The biggest problem with succumbing to this negative feedback and "data", is that all of that data is naturally biased. The only people voicing their opinions are the naysayers, pundits, and "Debbie-downers". You don't hear from those who could car less or even those that take notice and like the new logo or re-designed packaging. If we keep going in this direction, adjusting to every criticism, no company will be able to establish a viable, legitimate brand, they will become disjointed in their attempts at trying to please everyone. Did Apple or BMW get where they are today by reverting on their advertising or product because a bunch of ignorant strangers didn't agree with them?


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