Monday, March 10, 2008

The Crooked Porch

What is the "Crooked Porch"? It's so many things, it's desks made out of salvaged cubicle parts, it's a mini-bar made out of cubicle parts. It's a 100 year old farm house moved into "downtown" Monument. It's no account executives. It's random crazy people walking in the front door. It’s an idea or even better, a culmination of many ideas. Yes it's where we work, but more importantly it's being original.

David has been asking me for/four weeks now to put up pictures so that people can see what the Crooked Porch entails; what all the hubub is about. While I haven't taken the pictures yet, I definitely plan on doing it so people can get an idea (see what I did there?) of this mystical building.

However, in writing this I think I've come to realize why I haven't taken the pictures yet, "The Crooked Porch" in itself is an experience. Everyone that has walked in has said we have great juju in this building. Would pictures really do it justice?

As far as the animation goes; it was a collaboration of all of us but "mad props" to Jonathan for the hand drawn illustrations.


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Handcrafted Media said...

Well done Lee; heres to keeping an eye out for all those "crazy people".