Thursday, March 13, 2008

First this, then that

Having been held hostage in my request for Miles and Lee to take and post HDR pictures (that means high dynamic range for those of you not into still photography.  I know because I have asked what it means about 5 times.) um... wow that period before the end parenthesis looks weird... where was I ?  Oh yeah, HDR pictures of the Crooked Porch, I have been forced to create this blog posting against my will.
It is my intent that blog postings be created only when the person posting the blog actually has something worthwhile to say.  I, as one of the founders of Handcrafted Media, rarely have anything worthwhile to say, so therefore will rarely have anything worthwhile to post.  I am not an artist, or a photographer, or an animator... therefore the only thing I can post are words.  Well, words and this goofy photo of me I made in Photo Booth.
I have made several comments in the past, but that does not seem to be sufficient for Miles or Lee, even though I was complimentary to both.
However, since the words were uttered just moments ago ("We'll take pictures when you post to the blog.") I am fulfilling my side of the bargain.
Expect HDR pictures shortly.

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Handcrafted Media said...

you need to have a sit-down with your personal trainer because im not sure looking like mr. incredible in real life is a good thing.