Monday, November 3, 2008

We're freak-tacular!

Happy 'belated' Halloween everyone! Dressing up on Friday seemed only natural to do, and these costumes really weren't really a stretch for any of us, especially Lee, who I know would wear that costume to work everyday if he knew he could get away with it. Not that anyone here would or could stop him.... Actually, I would like to see that. C'mon Lee...

So here's the run down:
David, an apathetic, disinterested, out of work magician with a creepy skunk-weasel-ferret creature.
Lee, Sonic the hedgehog (costume craft-fully hand made!).
Justin, aka Jack Action of Aktion! Video (aka super creepy film producer who may or may not specialize in morally questionable productions involving people who may or may not be wearing clothes).
Myself, a happy go lucky trans-gender (apparently males do not have pouches) kangaroo who likes to wear socks with his sandals, so what?



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