Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Just Marketing

I needed to fly from LAX to Seattle early last Saturday and was delighted to see that Virgin America was a choice. I consider Virgin to be one of the best marketed companies and was interested in seeing how they marketed a commodity like air travel.

Well, from the flowers on the check-in desk to the very pleasant staff... to the amazing in seat entertainment system that remembered what I was listening to and allowed me to order coffee and a snack from the touch screen in front of me, I discovered that VA was more than marketing, they completely redesigned the flying experience.

Just walking on to the plane changed my expectations... walking off the plane confirmed them.

A lot of times we, as marketers, get asked to do things that "convey" a change that really isn't there.  It is very refreshing that Virgin America didn't just try to tell people they were different, they became different.  

We know how great it is to work with clients like this.  In our own world we are proud of clients like Avondale Toyota (A totally transparent transaction at a car dealership) and Payden & Rygel (an independent investment company not trying to pump up their stock price to please investors or peddle funds not controlled by them) who really ARE different.  

Clients like these are why we like to come to work.



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