Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet moves

If this past weekend taught me anything, it was how to execute an effective triangle choke (see above) against an assailant. It is pretty amazing how you can manipulate your opponents with simple twists and turns of the torso and limbs.

I am going to keep this move in mind the next time that jerk next door let's his dogs bark at 4am. Ill be like... "hey, jerk, you wanna feel the wrath of my triangle?" and he'll be all... "no way buddy I'm not messing with that."

On a side note, our own Lee Stonehouse pulls similar maneuvers on bullies and jerks nearly every day (he gets picked on a lot). It's pretty sweet stuff - I am hoping he can show me some more of these sweet moves so I can add to my arsenal of one cool trick.


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Mrs. Mc said...

I hope that my husband is not bound to be an MMA fighter after seeing the nasty bruises and burns on his legs...however, nothing is more of a turn on than watching him submit a noisy neighbor with his chicken legs!