Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't Feel Rejected...

It's all part of the process. And it's a process we rarely get to see, especially in the case of a campaign that went so stunningly well it won Ad Age's Marketer of the Year. Much of the campaign's success can be attributed to the Obama '08 logo, a mark created in a very short time period by the folks at Sender LLC, out of Chicago. In a 2-part interview, new VSA Partners strategist Sol Sender (formerly principal of Sender LLC) reveals everything about the creative development of the 2008 Obama Logo, which was released in February of 2007 and has arguably become one of the most noticed icons on the planet; but it didn't get there without going through the ringer. Sender's team came up with 15+ concepts in just two short weeks, a number many of us are surprised to hear. Needless to say, the interview which can be found here, provides some brilliant insight on the process, including those fine concepts we like to call rejects. Never forget - it's the development of the rejects that help us find the best creative solution.

A screen grab overview of the video can be found at LogoDesignLove
Video via VSA Partners

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