Monday, December 1, 2008

Putting down roots

Had a nice visit to South Carolina over Thanksgiving and visited a neat little city called Greenville. The south is an interesting place, sure, we saw trucks driving around with confederate flags pinned to them, ate questionable "greens" and for what its worth, I don't think anyone there really knows how to drive, or at least knows that the left lane is meant for passing, not cruising in. Overall though I found that the people are incredibly laid-back, open and really really friendly and genuinely nice. In the center of Greenville is a river with numerous cascading waterfalls. The city has turned this area into a big park with bridges and benches galore. The cool thing is that you can climb around on the rocks and even in the water if you want. Not sure if that would fly here in Colorado. Anyway's this is a tree near the bank of the river that I just had to shoot.


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